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Support Coming Out

For any interest...
To Know Theatre supporters,

We have received very few submissions this year for OUT True Coming Out Stories.

If a story of an experience or can please encourage friends, family, etc to submit we could really use the support.

This is the fourth annual production of this intimate evening of storytelling.

Please help it continue.

Thanks so much,

Jay B. Kalagayan
Executive Director
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Fringe Festival

Support Coming Out

Pride is all year long

Celebrate National Coming Out Day in October

"And yet another closet door lies in shatters at the base of our family tree."

Submit your coming out experience

Forward this to friends and loved ones

Know Theatre of Cincinnati presents
The Fourth Annual
OUT! True Coming Out Experiences.

The Queen City’s best actors will perform the pieces on National Coming Out Day in October 2007.

"We cared for him in our parent’s home the last five months of his life."

Your true stories, essays, recollections, memories, poems, anecdotes, etc. about you or a loved one coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and the challenges faced.

"My relationship with Ron continued to grow and I finally decided it was time to tell my parents."

Authors receive credit (or may remain unknown), no pay; producers reserve the right to edit for length.

Most submissions (that are not poems) run 500 – 2500 words.

Please mail submissions to Know Theatre of Cincinnati, 1120 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 or email

Performances in October dates and place TBA.
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